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Mountain View Ca
Free Guitar lessons
Nylon, Acoustic, Electric
from clasical to metal or staff of
Instructors is dedicated to bring
 out the best Music in you

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Please contact me at 408-234-7715  anytime or t_abbott7@Yahoo.com

Tim Abbott
Phone: (408) -234-7715

Guitar Lessons-

All levels electric, acoustic bass guitars, and guitar synthesizer. Specializing in Rock, Blues, R&B, Reggae, Folk, Alternative, Jazz and Pop music styles

I am a professional player with years of experience in bands, solo and recording session work. I have been teaching for over 20 years and my main goal as a teacher is to get my students where they want to go as quickly as possible.  My students pick out their own music that interests them and I teach them how to play their favorites at their level.  We learn music theory as it applies to songs they learn. Staying motivated and keeping it fun, I think is the best way to learn.